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Covid-19 Logo

At American Hotel, the trust you place in us is not something we take for granted. That’s why, as we continue to assess the impact of COVID-19 on our business, our nationwide distribution centers remain fully operational and are actively shipping available products.

How we are combatting the spread of COVID-19

We are adhering to CDC guidelines to curb the spread of COVID-19 and help ensure the safety of our associates, your staff and guests, and the public at large. Be aware our delivery capacity may be impacted by government-imposed travel restrictions and driver availability. Our commitment is to be accessible and available to you during this unprecedented period in the life of our industry.

Updates to our returns policy

During these extraordinary times of limited inventory and unavailable stock, we are temporarily amending our returns policy.

As of March 21, 2020, unless the order is incorrect, or an item is defective or damaged in transit, all sales are final. Orders that are correctly delivered by American Hotel are ineligible for credit, exchange, or refund. Signed claims for incorrect orders, defective items, or items damaged in transit must be completed within 3 calendar days of receipt of the shipment, with condition of the goods noted.

Please contact us at 1-800-323-5686 for assistance with incorrect orders, defective items, or items damaged in transit. Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

COVID-19 impact on inventory and delivery

Currently, demand is still far outpacing supply for certain cleaning supplies and personal protection products such as disinfectants, masks, hand sanitizers, and some soaps. We are working closely with our suppliers to replenish these types of items as quickly as possible, but we do expect inventory volatility in this product category to continue for some time.

Updates on Private Fleet deliveries

Due to the rapidly changing environment across the country, we have made temporary changes to our Private Fleet services in select markets:

Market State Delivery Days
Phoenix AZ Wednesday, Friday
Sedona AZ Wednesday, Friday
Tucson AZ Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Los Angeles CA Daily
Napa CA Wednesday, Friday
Palm Springs CA Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Sacramento CA Wednesday, Friday
San Diego CA Wednesday, Friday
San Francisco CA Wednesday, Friday
Colorado Mountains CO Monday, Thursday
Denver CO Wednesday, Friday
Ft. Myers FL Not Available - shipping LTL
Jacksonville FL Not Available - shipping LTL
Miami FL Tuesday, Friday
Orlando FL Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tampa FL Not Available - shipping LTL
West Palm Beach FL Tuesday, Friday
Atlanta GA Tuesday, Friday
Chicago IL Wednesday, Friday
Indianapolis IN Not Available - shipping LTL
Louisville KY Not Available - shipping LTL
New Orleans LA Not Available - shipping LTL
Boston MA Not Available - shipping LTL
Baltimore/DC MD/DC Tuesday, Friday
Detroit MI Not Available - shipping LTL
Minneapolis MN Not Available - shipping LTL
Kansas City MO Not Available - shipping LTL
St. Louis MO Not Available - shipping LTL
Charlotte NC Tuesday, Friday
Raleigh/Durham NC Not Available - shipping LTL
Las Vegas NV Not Available - shipping LTL
New York NY Tuesday, Friday
Cincinnati OH Not Available - shipping LTL
Cleveland OH Not Available - shipping LTL
Columbus OH Not Available - shipping LTL
Dayton OH Not Available - shipping LTL
Portland OR Not Available - shipping LTL
Pittsburgh PA Not Available - shipping LTL
Philadelphia area PA/NJ Tuesday, Friday
Charleston SC Not Available - shipping LTL
Columbia SC Not Available - shipping LTL
Myrtle Beach SC Not Available - shipping LTL
Nashville TN Not Available - shipping LTL
Austin TX Wednesday, Friday
Dallas TX Daily
Houston TX Wednesday, Friday
San Antonio TX Wednesday, Friday
Salt Lake City UT Not Available - shipping LTL
Richmond/VA Beach VA Not Available - shipping LTL
Seattle WA Wednesday, Friday

How to check your order status

To check your order status, log in and navigate to Order History. Once your order has been approved and/or received, you may see one of the following status reports:

  • Order In Review – Order is pending
  • Order Received – Order has been received but the items have not been picked or shipped
  • In Process – At least one item on the order has either been picked or was sent to the drop-ship vendor
  • Complete – All items have shipped, and the order has invoiced

How to change or cancel your order

Have a question about backorders?

Quantity limits on select SKUs due to high demand

Due to high demand and limited inventory of select products, order quantity limits are currently in place for the following SKUs:

1106016 Green Klean Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets 4 case