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Step up to a better cup, in-room blends and lobby coffee options

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4,000+ products with the perfect blend of quality and value

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Be can liner smart

Find the right type, and right fit, for every receptacle.

Can Liner Finder

Bringing Your Designs to Life

With award-winning interior design and full project procurement, we can help guide your property renovations, conversions, and new openings.


Since 1865, American Hotel has supported the growth of the hospitality industry by building strong relationships. As a family-and women-owned company that today is led by third-and fourth-generation members of the Leahy family, people and partnerships continue to drive everything we do.

Private Fleet Delivery

Our personalized delivery service.

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Global Reach

Delivering in more than 170 countries.

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Experience 100s of items firsthand.

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Eco-friendly products and practices

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Customer Service

We’re always ready to help.

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