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1888 Mills

The promise of better bed protection

Bargoose is one of the largest suppliers of waterproof, dust allergen-proof and bedbug-proof bed protection. The family-owned company provides some of the most effective, cost-efficient covers in the industry, and serves as one of the leading manufacturers of American Hotel’s private label products.

With a full range of high-quality bedding solutions, you can rest easy knowing guests of all ages will have a comfortable and safe night’s sleep. Bargoose is also proud to be a Certified Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise.

Global Owned Manufacturing

Over 25 Years of Experience

One of the largest suppliers of bed protection for the hospitality, healthcare, allergy relief, and pest control bedding markets


Industry-Leading Manufacturer

Major contributor to the development of fabrics and product designs that have become industry standards

Experts in Hospitality

Unmatched Customer Dedication

Domestic facility located in New York allows for easy customization and quick response to customer needs




Bedspreads and sheets

Mattress protection

Mattress protection

Mattress covers/pads, box spring covers

Pillow protection

Pillow protection

Pillow covers

Bargoose Baby

Bargoose Baby

Crib sheets, pads, and covers

Bed Bug Solution

The innovative Bed Bug Solution™ offers total dust mite, bedbug, and waterproof protection at an affordable cost, and features the patented BugStop Seal, which keeps allergens from infesting mattresses and box springs.