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See It First

Just as its name suggests, the See It First campaign gives you the first look at a new product or service. Each month, a different spotlight. It’s our way of showing you how we continue to strengthen our education portfolio to meet your growing needs.


Did you know restroom perception can derail someone's entire experience in your facility? Do you constantly battle with maintaining these public spaces? Check out the complete solution to restroom care, now available from American Education Supply. The innovative products of WizKid free your staff from constant cleanup chores while maintaining high standards of cleanliness. First, get to know the Splash Hog Urinal Screen.

This Month's Feature: WizKid

With its hedgehog-like spines and unique design, this smart screen drastically reduces splash back on the back wall of the urinal and helps you avoid unwanted puddles that ruin your floors and create unwanted odor.

  • Its powerful fragrance keeps your restroom deodorized for up to 60 days

  • Easy application makes replacement effortless

Splash Hog Urinal Screen
Splash Hog Urinal Screen

As a further safeguard, the WizKid Antimicrobial Mat catches what misses the urinal while eliminating odor and protecting your floors. Each mat has strong antimicrobial compounds built right into the mat that will stop odors from starting or spreading.

  • Carpet-like texture and contoured shape fits around urinals and toilets; choose from several colors to suit your décor

  • With zero maintenance, all you need to do is mop around mats as needed, and don't worry if they get wet — the fiber configuration in the mats promotes rapid air drying similar to entrance mats

Custom Capabilities

At American Education Supply, we offer you easy ways to express school spirit. With our growing menu of custom services, start creating personalized settings your students, staff, and visitors will love.

  • Add your logo to bedding or pillows

  • Imprint school colors on waste receptacles, shower curtains, and more

  • Personalize entrance matting or even laundry trucks to stay organized

  • Create custom dinnerware and table linens

  • Make paper, pens, cups and even amenities your own

Explore the possibilities
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RevDoors by Surfacequest

Surfacequest offers a revolutionary surfacing product, or architectural overlay, that mimics natural materials such as wood, stone, metal, and leather. For your education facilities, this new design approach promotes sustainability and eliminates the wasteful and expensive “demo and replace” construction cycle commonly seen in commercial renovations with virtually no downtime. Newly introduced to the U.S. architecture and design industry, Surfacequest is the next generation for new projects as well as facility upgrades and maintenance.

Learn more about the resurfacing promise of RevDoors.

Learn more about RevAquaWalls, which allows you to refresh bathroom tile with stylish patterns.