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B&B Tips for Success

Leverage the web and Social Media

Register your website on as many free websites as possible – the more links there are pointing to your site, the higher your Google ranking. There are many bed & breakfast-specific sites as well as local (town/region/state/province) sites – be represented! Also make sure your property shows up on Google Places/Maps, Yahoo and Bing. Add Google analytics to your website so you know how people are getting to your site. On TripAdvisor, register as the business owner/manager to maximize the information that you can post about your property and encourage guests to go online to review their stay at your property. Deal with unfavorable reviews promptly. Utilize social media outlets such as Facebook/Twitter and Yelp to reach out to your customers to inform them of what is happening at your Bed & Breakfast.

Make Booking Easy

Have you tried booking a room on your website? Can you do it quickly? Your customers want simplicity and quick response time. If possible, use an automatic booking service. If you wish to use e-mail, respond quickly. To run a successful Bed & Breakfast with happy guests, you’ll need an efficient administration system and time to handle the paperwork. This will reduce the risk of overbooking and streamline your accounting and collection of money. Once your guests arrive, aim for a smooth check-in process too.

Your Plan Should Have Plans!

Create a checklist of daily, weekly and monthly tasks. What are your check-in and check-out times? How will you handle guests who want to arrive early or leave late? What will you do if a guest walks into your designated family area and wants to discuss the next day’s activities? Plan for your own days off or a vacation well in advance. Will you have a substitute innkeeper to keep your B&B running while you’re gone, or will you be closed? You don’t need to advertise that you are away, simply say to people, “There are no rooms available” on these dates, and people will think you are full. These are important boundaries to set so you can continue to enjoy your work in the years to come.

Privacy Please or Not?

Reading your guests is a fine art! Be sensitive to their need for privacy and space, but also make yourself available to those who want to talk to you. If your establishment attracts couples looking for a romantic getaway, play up that angle in your marketing: offer a special honeymoon or anniversary package, arrange massages and spa treatments, deliver champagne gift baskets, etc. Check the laws of your state, however, before providing alcoholic beverages to your guests. Special in-room touches, such as candlelight, satin sheets and soft music, all enhance the romantic mood. If guests want to get to know you better, open that “door.” Remember – word of mouth is one of the best ways to attract more guests and repeat customers!