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No need for a bedspread or a bed scarf! With our Triple Sheeting Program, the bed scarf is printed directly onto a top sheet, creating a great looking, easy to care for bed.

  • Top sheet, depending on placement, can be used scarf-style or end cap-style.
  • 100% polyester fabric is stain & wrinkle resistant.
  • Triple sheeting is available in three Registry collections: CherryBerry, Ribbon, and Ringtone.
  • Collections also include fitted bedskirt, shams, and bolster pillow.

TRIPLE SHEETING is a luxurious, cost-effective and efficient bedding solution. It guarantees a clean, crisp bed that is easily managed by the housekeeping staff – ultimately saving considerable time and money.

  • Clean and Fresh

    Triple sheeting components can be laundered after each guest to ensure a sanitary environment
  • Reduces Costs

    Bedspreads can cost $100-$250 per piece, and up to $25 per piece in off-site laundering. By replacing a bedspread with one additional sheet, the Triple Sheeting technique can significantly reduce overall operational costs.
  • Saves Time

    Duvet covers cause housekeeping to spend three times longer to make the bed. Triple Sheeting is an easy step-by-step process that can greatly increase housekeeping efficiency.

ITEMS NEEDED: flat/fitted sheet to cover mattress, basic flat sheet, lightweight blanket and decorative top sheet

  • Step 1: Build Your Foundation Option 1) Lay a flat sheet on mattress and tuck all the way around the bed.
    Option 2) Use a fitted sheet to cover mattress. (This is the Bottom Sheet)
  • Step 2: Add Next Layer Place the top hem of flat sheet so it is even with the top of the mattress. The sheet should be even on all sides and smooth. (This is the Middle Sheet)
  • Step 3: Add Filling Place a lightweight blanket on top of the middle sheet starting 6 inches below the top of the mattress.
  • Step 4: Add Decorative Top Sheet Place remaining flat sheet on top of the blanket. The top hem should be even with the top of the mattress.
  • Step 5: Fold Fold 1) Take the top of both flat sheets and fold down together about 6 inches (blanket should not be included in this fold). Fold 2) Then fold down the two flat sheets and the blanket another 6 inches. The sheets should now be folded twice and the blanket folded once.
  • Step 6: Finishing Touches Tuck in both flat sheets along with the blanket beneath the foot of the mattress. The hanging fabric at the sides of the foot will have made a short U-Shape. Turn back the U-shape along the length of the bed, then pull towards the headboard, parallel to the mattress. Tuck the hanging corners of the sheet and blanket together under the mattress.

1888 Mills® Magnificence® Duvet Covers

  • Duvet covers offer a plush, luxury look for your property
  • Depending on the look you are going for, you can get a plain white duvet, or one with a more decorative look
  • Magnificence duvet cover shown here has narrow tone-on-tone stripes for a soft, elegant look. Woven with a 310 thread count soft Pima cotton for a smooth hand

1888 Mills® Adorn™ Bedding Accessories

  • Bedding accessories offer a great pop of color and decorative accent when using a plain duvet or top sheet
  • Accessories are made of a fabric blend that is high in polyester, if not 100% polyester, which will reduce wrinkles, shrinkage, and is more stain resistant
  • Accessory pieces cost less to wash than a bedspread, lowering your laundry costs. Plus, you can fit more pieces in a wash cycle
  • Adorn collection featured here has a waffle-weave design to add a more decorative and textured look. Collection also includes top sheet, bedskirt, bed scarf, pillow shams and accent pillow