Living Green

At American Hotel Register Company, we support the environmental responsibility of the hospitality industry. Our Living Green Program offers eco-friendly products and knowledge to help you make informed decisions. Our goal is to be your #1 source for Green products. To find our green items, simply click Living Green Program in the Highlights section of

We’re working hard to support you and your guests in conserving the world’s natural resources.

Water Conservation

Using a 2.5GPM showerhead, each 10-minute shower costs an estimated 31¢ in gas, water, and sewer – this amount is reduced to 19¢ using a 1.5GPM showerhead

Estimated savings = 12¢/shower

Based on a 100-room property and one 10-minute shower per room per day, this represents a 40% savings, or $4,380 each year

Shower Cost 2.5GPM 10-minute shower Shower Cost 1.5GPM 10-minute shower
Gas (heat) 18¢ 11¢
Total 31¢ 19¢

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