Eco Breakfast Bar
Registry 8.4 qt Round Chafer Acrylic Bud Vase Gerbera Daisy Stem Registry Revolving Wire Frame Cup Dispenser Registry Dual Beverage Dispenser with drip tray 2.2 Liter Lever Air Pot with Sight Glass H5804470326 D65AH12213 1-Liter Stainless Steel NSF Vacuum Carafe Satori I & II Framed Art Registry Stoneware Mugs Wooden Tray Condiment Tray Registry Short Air Pot Stand Registry Short Air Pot Stand Registry Coffee Sign, 18
Item Number Description
5768LD22436 Wendover Art Leaf Design II, 40" x 28"
5768LD12436 Wendover Art Leaf Design I, 40" x 28"
D65123560 Bamboo Cutlery Display, 3 -Tier, Bamboo Bins
MMX856301 Guest Towel, 13" x 17", White, 1000/case
K89BAM1009 BambooMel Dinnerware, 9" Dia. Wide Rim Plate, 2 dz/case
D65AH110 10" Dia. Turn and Serve Cover with Deep and Shallow Tray for chilling hard boiled eggs.
D65432960 Bamboo Riser, 12" Sq x 9" H
C8UTONG3 Stainless Steel Tong Spoon/Spatula Design
D651234 Bamboo Tray Holder, 9-1/2" W x 4-3/4" D x 2" H (3 Shown)
4937M115 Pappasan Cascading Bowl, Large, Willow Green
D65432360 Bamboo Riser, 12" Sq x 3" H, (2 Shown)
NMK5400 Commercial Bagel Biter Plus
D6530112 12" Dia. Turn and Serve Cover
D65315-12 12" Dia. Shallow Tray
D65171860 Bamboo Bread Box, 4-drawer, 16-1/2" W x 15" D x 15" H
Q8L4407SS 9-1/2" Flat Tongs
4954WCT704 Waring Commercial 4-Slice Long Toaster
D65823 Bamboo Crumb Catcher
515419443 Bamboo Sprays (2) in Clear Glass Cylinder with green sand and acrylic water
515419442 Bamboo Draceana Stems (2) in Clear Glass Cylinder with green sand and acrylic water
D65475660 Bamboo Housing, 6" Sq x 7" H, (2 Shown)
K89BAM1186 BambooMel Dinnerware, 8 oz Bowl, 4 dz/case
D65432660 Bamboo Riser, 12" Sq x 6" H
D6513301013 Arched Wire Frame, 2-Tier
D6513671060 Bamboo Tray Insert for above frame, 10" x 12", 2 each
D6537860 Bamboo Revolving Cup/Lid Dispenser
D6GBHCR8 Hot Cup, Recycled, 8 oz, 1000/case
D6GBHCL8 Hot Cup Lid for 8 oz Cup, Recycled, 1000/case
NBZMWP30SB Milk Pitcher with Ice Chamber, 3.0 Liter
D65330660 Bamboo Drip Tray, 6" x 6"
D651111 Glass Beverage Dispenser, 2 gallon, Black Wire Base
D65330460 Bamboo Drip Tray, 4" x 4"
NBZSSN100 Stainless NSF Steelvac Carafe, 1 Liter
D6579660 Bamboo Packet/Stir Stick Holder
PL9STS Red Stir Sticks, 5", 1000/pack, 10 packs per case
NBZECAL22SG Lever Air Pot, 2.2 Liter, Glass lined, with Sight Glass, 2 each
D653602 Bamboo Dual Air Pot Stand
D656061 Bamboo Coffee Sign
D656062 Bamboo Decaf Sign