Commercial TVs vs. Consumer TVs

They look the same on the outside, so what makes commercial and consumer units so different, and why should your property buy one instead of the other?

Warranty 1-3 Years 90 Days to 1 Year With heavy, daily usage in hotels, longer television warranties help your property with unexpected issues.
Lockout Menu Settings Yes No Restricting access to the menu settings prohibits your guests from tampering with the TV. Locking the settings saves your property money and time needed for staff to reset each television.
Volume Limiter Yes No Prevents guests from bothering neighboring rooms and saves the televisions from damage caused by excessive volume levels.
Clone Programming Capable Yes No Quickly transfers custom menu settings from one commercial television to the others on your property – a big time saver!
Swivel Stand Base Yes No Swivel base’s 90° rotation allows your guest the freedom to watch from anywhere in the room.

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