Benefits of Buying Commercial Vacuums

Commercial or Retail Vacuums: Is There a Difference?

Yes! Commercial vacuums offer the following features and benefits:

  1. Long-life heavy-duty commercial motors designed specifically for years of problem-free use.
  2. Grounded 3-wire plugs or 2-wire double-insulated plugs.
  3. Heavy-duty, longer cords (28- to 50-ft.) allow housekeepers to clean larger areas before needing to unplug.
  4. Meet OSHA requirements.
  5. UL-listed for commercial use.
  6. 90-day to 1-year (or more) commercial use warranties.
  7. Warranty service at an established service center network.

Guide to Vacuum Ratings and Abbreviations

CRI Green Label Seal of Approval: Granted to vacuum cleaners that meet the strict standard of its “Green Label” testing program for dust containment, soil removal, and carpet appearance. Serial numbers on the CRI Label identify these vacuums.

LEED Compliant: Vacuums that meet or exceed CRI Green Label criteria and have earned the CRI Green Label Seal of Approval, as well as having been tested and proven to operate at a noise level below 70 decibels.

Amps: The maximum amount of electrical current that normally flows through a vacuum’s electrical system.

CFM: Cubic feet per minute. The amount of airflow per cubic foot.

dB: The scale in decibels that measures the response of the human ear to noise. 60 dB: ordinary conversation level; 160 dB: acute pain.

Sweep: The width of the vacuum’s cleaning path.

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