Basket Truck Ordering Guidelines

Consider the following to make the most of your basket truck investment

What is its purpose? Vinyl/canvas or plastic? Does it need to be covered? Will it fit through doorways? Under a work table? Swivel or rigid casters? The following will help you make an informed decision:

  1. Liner Type
    Vinyl – Mold-, mildew-, UV- and tear-resistant, flame-retardant; easy clean-up; available in many colors.
    Canvas – Abrasion-resistant; available in white only.
    Poly – Molded heavy-duty plastic.
  2. Liner Installation
    Permanent – Factory installed. Consider shipping costs due to dimension and weight.
    Removable – Requires field installation of liner
  3. Size – Where will It Be Used?
    Doorways – Carts larger than 16-bushel (40" x 28" x 30") will not fit through a standard 30" doorway.
    Counters and work tables – Verify the height if you plan to store the cart underneath work areas.
  4. Caster Patterns
    Pattern “A” – Corner mount, 4 swivel (S) casters; maximum maneuverability; most common caster pattern.
    Pattern “C” – Corner mount, 2 rigid (R)/2 swivel (S) casters; ideal for long straight runs.
    Pattern “D” – Diamond mount, 2 rigid (R)/2 swivel (S) casters; traditional postal/tilt pattern.
  5. Freight
    1 or 2 units – Ship knocked down which ships UPS, keeping your freight costs down; some assembly required.
    All carts, except knocked down, ship fully assembled via common carrier.
  6. Accessories
    Spring Lifts – Keep work at a safe and convenient height; measure length x width to determine bushel size.
    Corner Bumpers – Protect walls, doors, door frames and elevators.
    Vinyl Covers – With elastic.

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