Placing an Order

Ordering from American Hotel Register Company
is as easy as 1-2-3……4!

1. Order right here on our website.

Simply place an order from our online catalog. If you are not registered, you will need to register at checkout. When customer information is complete, we will then direct you to "Submit" your order. An e-mail will be sent to confirm your account, user, and order information.

2. Phone your order.

Use our toll-free order number: 1-800-323-5686. Fill out our order form in advance to help the ordering process go smoothly. We are sorry, but we cannot accept phone orders for custom or imprinted items; these orders must be faxed or mailed to ensure accuracy.

We need your written purchase order or signed confirmation on orders over $5,000.

3. Fax your order.

Use our toll-free fax number: 1-800-688-9108. You can use our order form or your own purchase order. If you send a purchase order, use our order form as a guide for the information we will need. If a written order confirms a phone order you've already placed, please write "Confirmation" on it to avoid confusion.

4. Mail your order to:

American Hotel Register Company 100 South Milwaukee Avenue, Vernon Hills, Illinois 60061-4305

If you're in a hurry, send it priority mail and mark it "Rush." Please specify when you want to receive your order.

All orders are subject to credit review, approval, and acceptance. Any cancellation must be approved by American Hotel Register Company and may be subject to restocking and other charges.

Ordering Tips & Details

Please include these details when you order:

Item quantity, description, size, color and the price.

The full name of your property, the complete mailing and shipping address with zip code, as well as your name, title, and signature.If you're located outside of town, give us your route number. Delivery and trucking companies will not deliver to a post office box number.

If you have recently changed your business name, give us both the previous name and the new name to avoid delays and unnecessary credit checks.

To receive sale prices from a flyer or e-mail promotion:

For web orders:

Enter the first two characters of the Cat. No. from a flyer or e-mail promotion in the promo code field. Example: If a flyer Cat. No. is "CB-X7BC1431", enter the "CB" in the promo code field. Your special pricing will be reflected at checkout. NOTE: You must be a registered website customer to take advantage of this feature. registered website customer to take advantage of this feature.

For phone, fax, or mail orders: Be sure to use the complete Cat. No., including the first two characters, which make up the flyer or promotion code. Example: "CB-X7BC1431"

Custom Signs, Imprinting, and Printing Service

Send a signed, printed order. For a first-time order, attach a typed copy of what is to be printed. For a repeat order, give the year of the previous order. NOTE: Some of our custom manufacturers reserve the right to bill and ship you up to 15% over or under the amount ordered. We cannot begin without a signed order.

Need a bid/quote on items before you place an order?

Simply send an e-mail to:
A representative will contact you with the information that you have requested. You can also call our toll-free number, 1-800-678-4342.

Small-order handling fee. Due to the cost of processing an order, we ask your cooperation in keeping your order total more than $0.00. Otherwise, a handling charge will automatically be added to any order totaling less than $0.00.

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